svey // svey.xyz are my online monikers, if you know me 🌎 you might know me better as Hayden. I am a digital media artist, and web developer 🧑‍🎨 💽 🧮. My journey began as a photography student at TMU (f.k.a. Ryerson University). I have a passion for the visual-arts and for technology. As my understanding of the visual-arts space developed during my undergraduate studies, so too did my desire to work with new and emerging mediums. TMU, being home to many talented artists, offered the solution I didn’t know I needed- a specialisation in ‘Integrated Digital’- a fancy way of saying I was no longer constrained to the photographic medium 📸.

My field of work now covers everything from large scale interactive public installations, to more humble independent websites. My background in visual arts and software development have provided me with both the vision, and technical know-how to provide unique digital experiences 😲.

If you want to learn more about the kind of work that I offer, you can take a 👀 around my site, checkout my GitHub, or reach out to me by email at [email protected] ✍️. I am currently available for contract, and I am eager to meet you and help you create your next digital experience!